Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What if Kejriwal Wins the Election?

He was adamant to come in the politics but adopted different tactics in comparison to other politicians of this Country. Kejriwal created a scenario of Bollywood movie as initially he was not interested in a beautiful girl but later on he felt in love with that girl and now wants to get settled with her. Kejiwal started his journey as a perfect critic of the politicians and politics and later, not only joined the politics but also formed his own party.

It is very clear that party was formed for the removal of corruption from this Country. I support this object but question arises whether this is sufficient for the party to concentrate on one issue or whether the other issues of this Country can be completely shelved? I reiterate that as issue of corruption was not the creature of Anna Hazare, it cannot be removed by the force of law but it can be removed by the morals and as per Kejriwal’s ideology, it appears there is no moral in politics. Though party was formed against the corruption but no concern were shown about the other prevailing issues in the Country till now i.e. Ram Mandir Construction, Position of Hindus in Kashmir and other issues. Even otherwise, Kejriwal wants to form government just to enact a strong Lokpal and he strongly believes that after enacting the Lokpal, there would be no corruption. I take different step and argue, if appointed Lokpal will become corrupt? I suggest that no government by the force of law can solve the problem of corruption which is related to morals and can be tackled through the inner conscience and ethics.

Right now the big problem for the Kejriwal is to form the Government which seems to be impossible on the following grounds:

There are two main national parties and even they are not able to come in power with full majority, How Could we expect a new party to form a government.

You may have support in different parts of India but when it comes to election, you must have majority in particular constituency. At the time of election, your supporters would be divided in different parts of India, and then it would be difficult to win election from a particular constituency. Because Election cannot be won by going on fast onto death.

If you do not have majority in parliament, I do not think if it is possible for any party to get their ideology implemented.

If you are not able to get your ideology implemented, what purpose you are going to serve because even you would not be able to fulfil you promises what you would make in your election manifesto.

What is the guarantee that you would not be involved in cash for vote to get a strong Lokpal enacted because it may be your political compulsion and you are committed to bring strong Lokpal anyhow.

When your member did not cast vote and was caught red handed by Media, how could you ask for vote when you own hands are not clean.

The above grounds are equally true for the Kejriwal’s election too and even if by chance, he manage to get his seat in Lok Sabha, It is very clear that he would not be able to do anything except to criticise the Government which he is currently doing. So when chances are in negative then why the decision was taken by the Kejriwal to form a party and contest the elections is still beyond my understanding. You are a perfect critic and can talk about right to vote but when it comes to cast your vote, we have seen you. You should try for a movie in Bollywood because there is some difference is real life and reel life. Don’t make this dirty politics dirtier.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Be aware otherwise it will be very difficult to find out next Anna..............!!!!!!!

So now we can see a lamp in the dark democracy. In this darkness powerful people were completing their wishing. Powerful people tried to take every advantage of this darkness and even hugged the girl in the darkness and tried to do each and every thing which even can’t be described. But something can be described that is sometimes because of darkness they hugged the guy and became gay.  They relevance of example is that in both situation they committed the crime. Under the suspicion of girl, you did something with boy and people started laughing on you. Then democracy danced and government started acting like a beautiful girl of sweet sixteen. Someone has rightly said “girl can only be faithful or beautiful”. Following the same way which a girl will follow, government come on front and declared that they are beautiful. Even a girl will select the same and say that she has nothing to do with being faithful. But how the boy who was rejected by girl, maintains his attitude and showed the real beauty, is appreciable? As soon as boy got money (power in terms of politics) girl started following him. So government just acted like a typical treacherous girl.
For me this movement was always a positive movement irrespective of result. As a guy, I always think positive. Even if many girls rejected me but after all I will be thankful to all these girls who rejected me when I will get the real beauty. And I will also be in love with those girls who rejected me because they showed me the path or way of my real love. Same situation applied here. Irrespective of facts what will be the results, our democracy is on the right path.
Now when our democracy is really on the right path. Wishes of people are going to be inflicted in law. We need to sustain it otherwise it will be termed as one night stand with prostitute which is however illegal way of enjoy. We need to be goal oriented. The result of agitation must be inflicted in the coming election. No one does sex with the intention to give birth to baby. Everyone do it just for enjoyment. But result, we all know. The agitation was not election campaign but after the success of this agitation, we should not forget that now we need to vest the power in the hands of person who owns unimpeachable integrity because as a citizen of democratic country, it is necessary to know lokpal can't run the government. That will be only investigating agency. For a real democracy, people need to use their rights in the right way otherwise it will be very difficult to find our next Anna. 

 If demands and the way of Anna was illegal then why government is agree for Anna's demands now. In any situation government should not go with illegal demands and illegal way. Now there are only two possible options either government is following illegal way under the public pressure or government has impliedly confessed that they were unnecessarily arguing and wasting the time just to protect the corruption and sustain the corrupt activities in the country where corruption is the religion for the ruling class. Now I would like to see the attitude of same government and corrupt people in the next election but unfortunately boys forget very early that once she has dumped me.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

We expect transparency

At last he used his right to freedom of speech and expression.  Really, how long a person can use his right to silence? Needless to say, that I am talking about our economist Prime Minister.  As now he got the time to talk to media and invited some editors and talked with them and it looked like as my father is talking to all the family members and didn’t even try to invite the neighbours who can criticise our activities. I wonder why he didn’t invite any editor of opposite ideology. Prime minister just tried to prove himself as a strong Prime minister as he remarked that “when he was a student at Cambridge, Sir Paul Chambers, who was then the Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries, came and addressed us on who is a good manager, who will be considered by industry as a good manager.” But intuitively question came in my mind that what does industry include here? Does it include only congress? It is pertinent to mention that Prime Minister gave his opinion in favour of bringing the Prime Minister under the ambit of Lokpal but the absence of consensus is the main issue. But I wonder when Prime Minister is saying that he takes the decisions; on the other hand he failed to make his cabinet understand his views about bringing the Prime Minister under the ambit of Lokpal. When you take decision on your own then why your cabinet minister are not hearing you? Why don’t every representative give his opinion separately and publically by which we will be able to know the opinion of our representatives?
            He said that the role of the media today in many cases has become that of the accuser, the prosecutor and the judge. He was against the trial by media. After this remark Manish Tiwari was under the impression of being prosecuted while interview. He told that he is not here for being cross examined. Media is considered as a fourth estate in our democracy. Media should work in limit but opposition of trail by media cannot be considered as defence against accountability and transparency for which we hope from each and every government. Now when our government is at back front and trying to defend, we need a strong government. Here I am not against the U.P.A. but I am in favour of transparency. If you think yourself incompetent, then you can give chance to others otherwise this is a challenge for you to live up the dream of the citizen of India.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Time to change

Rejection by girls is a worst thing in the eye of a guy of sixteen but it may by a new way to find a beauty for a mature guy. After finding an appropriate beauty we may be thankful to that rejection. There may be other sign of that sasifaction when they saw that guy suffering with that girl. Both situations will be the symbol of satisfaction for so called martyr but no one knows martyr can rule everyone after some time. As I discussed two situation, opposition in our parliament is facing the second situation and giving thanks to the people for rejecting them in last election otherwise they would have faced the same situation which the leaders from out government is facing, either they are behind peril or making strategy to protect corruption in India. But I would like to praise the courage of government who is totally favouring corruption and black even at the cost of lives. Government has shown their intention in favour of corruption and black money. Really the aim of these power groups is only to form government and earn more and more money. They don’t come in power to help people but they do politics to earn money. The land of Rama and krishna was converted into the land of Ghandhi and Nehru and subsequently it was converted into the land of criminal as the power attracted them and they started sitting in parliament. Now they don’t even hesitate in commission of crime to earn money.
            Now as Ramdev has ended fast and silence of Government create confusion that if they are ruling in India or in any other country. The step of the Ramdev cannot be under shadowed by the government by any means whether directly or indirectly. If these political parties want to rule India, they need to step according our will. They need to work according our servant not as a king. There may be only one king and if we are the King than no other can claim to be a King.  They need to be accountable for us otherwise they won’t have existence in the Indian politics.
Everyone feel good to read above paragraph but the question is that whether we are capable enough to implement the intention. It isn’t possible by some people but we all need to come on the road and agitate against the government. Where is our self respect, if we can’t get our work done from our peons? When Anna is doing agitation, at that time we are watching him from our place as a naked girl is dancing amidst crowd in a city market. Even we are not showing the courage to enjoy the naked dance from our naked eyes. We are just enjoying it from our home. As government has shown that there is no value of our breath in their eyes, we all need to teach them a lesson of legal science as well as moral science. As Ramdev has ended his fast, Ministers should be aware about ground realities and should leave their way to earn money from bed from where only prostitutes can earn money.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Prevent them who are taking advantage....

A political leader changes his preference faster than a Casanova changes his girl friend and how they change their preference, prevailing circumstances can be a better example. They always try to use other’s cup. They themselves do nothing but their expectation from others are very high and even they know, “expectation always hurt.” They enjoy running against the flow of water.  Rahul Gandhi, what he was trying to do in U.P., same thing he can get done in Rajasthan and Maharashtra in a manner in which he wants to get it done but he was running against the water and enjoying. Why aren’t he coming against the atrocities of Delhi polices. When he can come in front for farmers, why can’t he come to protect the citizen of India who wants to eradicate the corruption. Here it is pertinent to mention that people who doesn’t want to enact as an effective law, it means they are in favour of corruption and they are the beneficiary of corruption. I Delhi incident, the role of Prime Minister cannot be denied but even Sonia Ghandhi must have played a vital role. Sonia Gandhi has got the ownership of this country for a particular period of time. This may be the best example of dictatorship in democracy.

Many times India became evident of some strange situation. For me the last president election was the strangest situation which India faced.  If we had general election then surely we would have opposite result but it was the matter of constitutional amendments therefore we had no option except showing our trust on prevailing system and we got Srimati Pratibha Patil as our President.  Intention is neither to criticise the prevailing system nor to underestimate the president. But we can see how Sonia Gandhi is everything in this country when she is holding nothing or just a head of party. Inference can be brought out that not only Prime minister but also Sonia Gandhi means congress is responsible for each and every act of government. Now this is a time when local politicians need to understand the malicious intention of these political parties including Bhariya Janta Party. At local level all leaders follow only the whip of party and without applying their mind they start following whip and this is a most dangerous situation for us. We all need to apply our own mind. Party whip can only be followed at local lever if it is suitable for local political and social environment. It is the duty of party to make such policies which are not violative with general interest of society. They need not to be treacherous. Our politician leaders are just like those girls who just want to enjoy expensive cars, make boys fool and then too behave like the holiest thing in the world before parents. But this is a fault of boys but why that boy will prevent himself who will also take advantage of that girl. The same situation is with our political leaders. Just to enjoy power, they play with general public and this is our fault but who can prevent them who are taking advantage of these leaders. 

Monday, 6 June 2011

Is this their way to protect Ramdev!!!!!!

Unfortunately everything was happened in Delhi, otherwise we would have the opportunity to blame Mayawati or other parties. Whatever happened was not big issue for our inhuman politicians. If the same thing was happened with their child then only they would have worried otherwise no power under the sun can develop the humanity in their heart. Overall they are our politicians. There is one similarity in between our government and a victim of rape. Both have lost nothing but their face. If there is similarity, there must be difference. And the difference is this that victim of rape never sell her soul but our government has sold their sole. Reason of this difference is that formerly we are talking about victim of rape and later we are talking about who is the accused of acts very similar to rape.
            Yesterday one gentleman got the chance to speak on news channel and he made all efforts to impress Sonia Gandhi. He told that this agitation can’t be the law making process. People have their representatives, only they can make law. A person who is coming from street can’t make law. His concept was quite unclear. He forgot that Democracy start dancing because of the people of street. We have given you vote doesn’t mean that we have given you the right to commit robbery or murder. This is a perfect time when politicians need to understand that vote is a constitutional power in the hands of the citizen of India, it can be used as a licence to commit robbery or murder.
            We have a government headed by an economist then too we are not able to protect ourselves from inflation.  Whatever, we have some intellectual ministers but someone rightly said, “A girl can be either beautiful or faithful” Same thing is applied on government without any doubt. Therefore need is to clear the concept of our politician because dirty face is good than a dirty mind.
             Now government has cleared their stand as that they just wanted to protect Baba Ramdev. Why government didn’t try to protect Rahul Ghandhi in the same way, when he was in U.P. if this is a way of protection, then please we don’t need any sort of protection. It was also heard that breach of promise on the part of Baba drive the government to do this brutal act. Firstly what type of breach of promise, I wonder. Secondly when I attended my first class of graduation, I was taught that there is some difference in between moral wrong and legal wrong. Even if there was any promise and it results into breach of promise, that can be termed as moral wrong because everything was going on peacefully and for a moral wrong what type of exemplary punishment has been awarded. Now every politician should have a clear one thing in their mind that this is not Pakistan, so that America will come and does operation and will return and then he will say that we have achieved justice. This is India, justice can only be awarded inside the four walls of the Court room. Even if there was breach of promise and that was legal wrong, the way accepted by the government can’t be the justified way to achieve justice. But I didn’t get, what may be the promise, has government tried to grease the palm of Baba?  Whatever at last I would like to say,” act of the government is legitimate, good, and again this government should come in power” sorry but have to write because they all are criminal, if they start killing people, who are against them and I haven’t got anything from Lokpal and transparency, I know you have got a good criminal background. One thing is quite interesting, in our country, criminals makes laws. I am waiting for Speech of Manmohan Singh, he may announce the qualification of ministers for next election. Candidates who commit only rarest of rare acts will be qualified for cabinet ministers.  Manmohan and some other have already secured their position. I know we have a Smart politician. Now we will see a fair competition. Rightly said, “A girl can be either beautiful or faithful.”  

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Criminal Act of so called "innocent government"

In criminal law, intention is an integral part of the conviction in the criminal justice system But practically very difficult to prove the malicious intention of the accused. In the view of Supreme Court judgement, intention can be proved by fact and circumstances.  So now what can be inferred from the circumstances of Delhi? In the country of "Extra judicialkilling" the act committed by Delhi police can be justified on the ground of unawareness of our so called innocent Prime Minister.. But I would like to praise the courage of Manmohan Singh who took this decision when government in under pressure of general public of India. Now after this act Manmohan Singh even can’t shrug his shoulder. If this time also you were not aware from the act of police then resignation is one and only remedy and alternate for most innocent Prime Minister, we ever had.  I think our Prime Minister is more innocent than an Accused of Murder who is presumed as innocent until guilt is proved. The second thing in the favour of innocence of Manmohan Singh is that even he is neither aware of the decision nor aware of who is taking such decision for government. Thanks God, Manmohan is not blaming Nitin Gadkari for taking these decisions. The defence of Manmohan Singh is very similar from the defence of a father who is saying after marriage of his son that he is not aware or after the birth of child in family, so called father is saying, “I don’t know because I haven’t done any act which was essential for the birth of child.” This defence cannot be considered as an absolute defence and only absolute defence can defend you. You haven’t done any act for the birth of Child but without act, where this baby came from? Definitely any one is there. The same condition is with Manmohan Singh. Even if you haven’t done any act but at least there is some problem in your government. So you can prove innocent yourself but your congress lead Government can’t be proved innocent by your defence. Really you have missed a diamond when you were busy in collecting stones. Congress was very worried about the condition of farmer in U.P. now where is Rahul Ghandhi, who was arrested under a political drama in U.P.  Why didn’t he come in Ram Leela Maidan. Even he can’t be blamed for this act, At least you have also got the blood of politician and this is a absolute defence. As a politician you can do anything. At last I would like to suggest, Delhi, now start concentrating on your wife, otherwise it would be difficult for you to form government again and by chance if you form government again then I will have only few words to say, “corrupt Government for corrupt people”.