Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What if Kejriwal Wins the Election?

He was adamant to come in the politics but adopted different tactics in comparison to other politicians of this Country. Kejriwal created a scenario of Bollywood movie as initially he was not interested in a beautiful girl but later on he felt in love with that girl and now wants to get settled with her. Kejiwal started his journey as a perfect critic of the politicians and politics and later, not only joined the politics but also formed his own party.

It is very clear that party was formed for the removal of corruption from this Country. I support this object but question arises whether this is sufficient for the party to concentrate on one issue or whether the other issues of this Country can be completely shelved? I reiterate that as issue of corruption was not the creature of Anna Hazare, it cannot be removed by the force of law but it can be removed by the morals and as per Kejriwal’s ideology, it appears there is no moral in politics. Though party was formed against the corruption but no concern were shown about the other prevailing issues in the Country till now i.e. Ram Mandir Construction, Position of Hindus in Kashmir and other issues. Even otherwise, Kejriwal wants to form government just to enact a strong Lokpal and he strongly believes that after enacting the Lokpal, there would be no corruption. I take different step and argue, if appointed Lokpal will become corrupt? I suggest that no government by the force of law can solve the problem of corruption which is related to morals and can be tackled through the inner conscience and ethics.

Right now the big problem for the Kejriwal is to form the Government which seems to be impossible on the following grounds:

There are two main national parties and even they are not able to come in power with full majority, How Could we expect a new party to form a government.

You may have support in different parts of India but when it comes to election, you must have majority in particular constituency. At the time of election, your supporters would be divided in different parts of India, and then it would be difficult to win election from a particular constituency. Because Election cannot be won by going on fast onto death.

If you do not have majority in parliament, I do not think if it is possible for any party to get their ideology implemented.

If you are not able to get your ideology implemented, what purpose you are going to serve because even you would not be able to fulfil you promises what you would make in your election manifesto.

What is the guarantee that you would not be involved in cash for vote to get a strong Lokpal enacted because it may be your political compulsion and you are committed to bring strong Lokpal anyhow.

When your member did not cast vote and was caught red handed by Media, how could you ask for vote when you own hands are not clean.

The above grounds are equally true for the Kejriwal’s election too and even if by chance, he manage to get his seat in Lok Sabha, It is very clear that he would not be able to do anything except to criticise the Government which he is currently doing. So when chances are in negative then why the decision was taken by the Kejriwal to form a party and contest the elections is still beyond my understanding. You are a perfect critic and can talk about right to vote but when it comes to cast your vote, we have seen you. You should try for a movie in Bollywood because there is some difference is real life and reel life. Don’t make this dirty politics dirtier.

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