Sunday, 7 August 2011

We expect transparency

At last he used his right to freedom of speech and expression.  Really, how long a person can use his right to silence? Needless to say, that I am talking about our economist Prime Minister.  As now he got the time to talk to media and invited some editors and talked with them and it looked like as my father is talking to all the family members and didn’t even try to invite the neighbours who can criticise our activities. I wonder why he didn’t invite any editor of opposite ideology. Prime minister just tried to prove himself as a strong Prime minister as he remarked that “when he was a student at Cambridge, Sir Paul Chambers, who was then the Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries, came and addressed us on who is a good manager, who will be considered by industry as a good manager.” But intuitively question came in my mind that what does industry include here? Does it include only congress? It is pertinent to mention that Prime Minister gave his opinion in favour of bringing the Prime Minister under the ambit of Lokpal but the absence of consensus is the main issue. But I wonder when Prime Minister is saying that he takes the decisions; on the other hand he failed to make his cabinet understand his views about bringing the Prime Minister under the ambit of Lokpal. When you take decision on your own then why your cabinet minister are not hearing you? Why don’t every representative give his opinion separately and publically by which we will be able to know the opinion of our representatives?
            He said that the role of the media today in many cases has become that of the accuser, the prosecutor and the judge. He was against the trial by media. After this remark Manish Tiwari was under the impression of being prosecuted while interview. He told that he is not here for being cross examined. Media is considered as a fourth estate in our democracy. Media should work in limit but opposition of trail by media cannot be considered as defence against accountability and transparency for which we hope from each and every government. Now when our government is at back front and trying to defend, we need a strong government. Here I am not against the U.P.A. but I am in favour of transparency. If you think yourself incompetent, then you can give chance to others otherwise this is a challenge for you to live up the dream of the citizen of India.

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