Sunday, 28 August 2011

Be aware otherwise it will be very difficult to find out next Anna..............!!!!!!!

So now we can see a lamp in the dark democracy. In this darkness powerful people were completing their wishing. Powerful people tried to take every advantage of this darkness and even hugged the girl in the darkness and tried to do each and every thing which even can’t be described. But something can be described that is sometimes because of darkness they hugged the guy and became gay.  They relevance of example is that in both situation they committed the crime. Under the suspicion of girl, you did something with boy and people started laughing on you. Then democracy danced and government started acting like a beautiful girl of sweet sixteen. Someone has rightly said “girl can only be faithful or beautiful”. Following the same way which a girl will follow, government come on front and declared that they are beautiful. Even a girl will select the same and say that she has nothing to do with being faithful. But how the boy who was rejected by girl, maintains his attitude and showed the real beauty, is appreciable? As soon as boy got money (power in terms of politics) girl started following him. So government just acted like a typical treacherous girl.
For me this movement was always a positive movement irrespective of result. As a guy, I always think positive. Even if many girls rejected me but after all I will be thankful to all these girls who rejected me when I will get the real beauty. And I will also be in love with those girls who rejected me because they showed me the path or way of my real love. Same situation applied here. Irrespective of facts what will be the results, our democracy is on the right path.
Now when our democracy is really on the right path. Wishes of people are going to be inflicted in law. We need to sustain it otherwise it will be termed as one night stand with prostitute which is however illegal way of enjoy. We need to be goal oriented. The result of agitation must be inflicted in the coming election. No one does sex with the intention to give birth to baby. Everyone do it just for enjoyment. But result, we all know. The agitation was not election campaign but after the success of this agitation, we should not forget that now we need to vest the power in the hands of person who owns unimpeachable integrity because as a citizen of democratic country, it is necessary to know lokpal can't run the government. That will be only investigating agency. For a real democracy, people need to use their rights in the right way otherwise it will be very difficult to find our next Anna. 

 If demands and the way of Anna was illegal then why government is agree for Anna's demands now. In any situation government should not go with illegal demands and illegal way. Now there are only two possible options either government is following illegal way under the public pressure or government has impliedly confessed that they were unnecessarily arguing and wasting the time just to protect the corruption and sustain the corrupt activities in the country where corruption is the religion for the ruling class. Now I would like to see the attitude of same government and corrupt people in the next election but unfortunately boys forget very early that once she has dumped me.

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