Sunday, 12 June 2011

Time to change

Rejection by girls is a worst thing in the eye of a guy of sixteen but it may by a new way to find a beauty for a mature guy. After finding an appropriate beauty we may be thankful to that rejection. There may be other sign of that sasifaction when they saw that guy suffering with that girl. Both situations will be the symbol of satisfaction for so called martyr but no one knows martyr can rule everyone after some time. As I discussed two situation, opposition in our parliament is facing the second situation and giving thanks to the people for rejecting them in last election otherwise they would have faced the same situation which the leaders from out government is facing, either they are behind peril or making strategy to protect corruption in India. But I would like to praise the courage of government who is totally favouring corruption and black even at the cost of lives. Government has shown their intention in favour of corruption and black money. Really the aim of these power groups is only to form government and earn more and more money. They don’t come in power to help people but they do politics to earn money. The land of Rama and krishna was converted into the land of Ghandhi and Nehru and subsequently it was converted into the land of criminal as the power attracted them and they started sitting in parliament. Now they don’t even hesitate in commission of crime to earn money.
            Now as Ramdev has ended fast and silence of Government create confusion that if they are ruling in India or in any other country. The step of the Ramdev cannot be under shadowed by the government by any means whether directly or indirectly. If these political parties want to rule India, they need to step according our will. They need to work according our servant not as a king. There may be only one king and if we are the King than no other can claim to be a King.  They need to be accountable for us otherwise they won’t have existence in the Indian politics.
Everyone feel good to read above paragraph but the question is that whether we are capable enough to implement the intention. It isn’t possible by some people but we all need to come on the road and agitate against the government. Where is our self respect, if we can’t get our work done from our peons? When Anna is doing agitation, at that time we are watching him from our place as a naked girl is dancing amidst crowd in a city market. Even we are not showing the courage to enjoy the naked dance from our naked eyes. We are just enjoying it from our home. As government has shown that there is no value of our breath in their eyes, we all need to teach them a lesson of legal science as well as moral science. As Ramdev has ended his fast, Ministers should be aware about ground realities and should leave their way to earn money from bed from where only prostitutes can earn money.

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