Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Prevent them who are taking advantage....

A political leader changes his preference faster than a Casanova changes his girl friend and how they change their preference, prevailing circumstances can be a better example. They always try to use other’s cup. They themselves do nothing but their expectation from others are very high and even they know, “expectation always hurt.” They enjoy running against the flow of water.  Rahul Gandhi, what he was trying to do in U.P., same thing he can get done in Rajasthan and Maharashtra in a manner in which he wants to get it done but he was running against the water and enjoying. Why aren’t he coming against the atrocities of Delhi polices. When he can come in front for farmers, why can’t he come to protect the citizen of India who wants to eradicate the corruption. Here it is pertinent to mention that people who doesn’t want to enact as an effective law, it means they are in favour of corruption and they are the beneficiary of corruption. I Delhi incident, the role of Prime Minister cannot be denied but even Sonia Ghandhi must have played a vital role. Sonia Gandhi has got the ownership of this country for a particular period of time. This may be the best example of dictatorship in democracy.

Many times India became evident of some strange situation. For me the last president election was the strangest situation which India faced.  If we had general election then surely we would have opposite result but it was the matter of constitutional amendments therefore we had no option except showing our trust on prevailing system and we got Srimati Pratibha Patil as our President.  Intention is neither to criticise the prevailing system nor to underestimate the president. But we can see how Sonia Gandhi is everything in this country when she is holding nothing or just a head of party. Inference can be brought out that not only Prime minister but also Sonia Gandhi means congress is responsible for each and every act of government. Now this is a time when local politicians need to understand the malicious intention of these political parties including Bhariya Janta Party. At local level all leaders follow only the whip of party and without applying their mind they start following whip and this is a most dangerous situation for us. We all need to apply our own mind. Party whip can only be followed at local lever if it is suitable for local political and social environment. It is the duty of party to make such policies which are not violative with general interest of society. They need not to be treacherous. Our politician leaders are just like those girls who just want to enjoy expensive cars, make boys fool and then too behave like the holiest thing in the world before parents. But this is a fault of boys but why that boy will prevent himself who will also take advantage of that girl. The same situation is with our political leaders. Just to enjoy power, they play with general public and this is our fault but who can prevent them who are taking advantage of these leaders. 

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