Monday, 6 June 2011

Is this their way to protect Ramdev!!!!!!

Unfortunately everything was happened in Delhi, otherwise we would have the opportunity to blame Mayawati or other parties. Whatever happened was not big issue for our inhuman politicians. If the same thing was happened with their child then only they would have worried otherwise no power under the sun can develop the humanity in their heart. Overall they are our politicians. There is one similarity in between our government and a victim of rape. Both have lost nothing but their face. If there is similarity, there must be difference. And the difference is this that victim of rape never sell her soul but our government has sold their sole. Reason of this difference is that formerly we are talking about victim of rape and later we are talking about who is the accused of acts very similar to rape.
            Yesterday one gentleman got the chance to speak on news channel and he made all efforts to impress Sonia Gandhi. He told that this agitation can’t be the law making process. People have their representatives, only they can make law. A person who is coming from street can’t make law. His concept was quite unclear. He forgot that Democracy start dancing because of the people of street. We have given you vote doesn’t mean that we have given you the right to commit robbery or murder. This is a perfect time when politicians need to understand that vote is a constitutional power in the hands of the citizen of India, it can be used as a licence to commit robbery or murder.
            We have a government headed by an economist then too we are not able to protect ourselves from inflation.  Whatever, we have some intellectual ministers but someone rightly said, “A girl can be either beautiful or faithful” Same thing is applied on government without any doubt. Therefore need is to clear the concept of our politician because dirty face is good than a dirty mind.
             Now government has cleared their stand as that they just wanted to protect Baba Ramdev. Why government didn’t try to protect Rahul Ghandhi in the same way, when he was in U.P. if this is a way of protection, then please we don’t need any sort of protection. It was also heard that breach of promise on the part of Baba drive the government to do this brutal act. Firstly what type of breach of promise, I wonder. Secondly when I attended my first class of graduation, I was taught that there is some difference in between moral wrong and legal wrong. Even if there was any promise and it results into breach of promise, that can be termed as moral wrong because everything was going on peacefully and for a moral wrong what type of exemplary punishment has been awarded. Now every politician should have a clear one thing in their mind that this is not Pakistan, so that America will come and does operation and will return and then he will say that we have achieved justice. This is India, justice can only be awarded inside the four walls of the Court room. Even if there was breach of promise and that was legal wrong, the way accepted by the government can’t be the justified way to achieve justice. But I didn’t get, what may be the promise, has government tried to grease the palm of Baba?  Whatever at last I would like to say,” act of the government is legitimate, good, and again this government should come in power” sorry but have to write because they all are criminal, if they start killing people, who are against them and I haven’t got anything from Lokpal and transparency, I know you have got a good criminal background. One thing is quite interesting, in our country, criminals makes laws. I am waiting for Speech of Manmohan Singh, he may announce the qualification of ministers for next election. Candidates who commit only rarest of rare acts will be qualified for cabinet ministers.  Manmohan and some other have already secured their position. I know we have a Smart politician. Now we will see a fair competition. Rightly said, “A girl can be either beautiful or faithful.”  

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