Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hike in petrol price: Way from power to opposition.....

                It is very near to 100, and I think that day is not very far when we need to go to goldsmith’s shop to get petrol.  Even I am afraid if society starts using petrol in dowry. Earlier we used to see use of petrol after marriages in dowry cases but now petrol may play a good role during marriage. A sensible person would never ask for dowry but even if he asks, he will ask for 1000 litre petrol instead of asking for car or motor bike and even in-laws won't use that petrol in killing the bride because who would like t waste a precious dowry for another dowry. I think the intention of government is to reduce the dowry death by using petrol.
            Government is getting hard earned money of people in the form of tax and more important is that how they are using that tax. Recently we have seen lot of Scams and realized that where our hard earned money is going? It is well said by J. Acton, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Now this is very true for U.P.A. government. Guys, don’t trust on political leader. Once, even B.J.P. was not able to control the price of onion. They are just politicians, who don’t want to be aware from ground realities and always need an issue against the opposite party.
             Intention of the government can be inferred from the circumstances, why government hiked the price only just after the elections. They could have hiked the price even before the election. But hike in price before election could give adverse effect. That’s why they played with the people and tried to get vote and after getting vote by fraud, they hiked the prices. Secondly when other countries are providing petrol at very cheap rate then what is the compulsion of U.P.A. government.  The only answer comes is my mind is “corruption”. They are helpless. They again want to get more tax and after getting more tax, they wanted to get profit on their investment which they have done in the last election. Now at least Manmohan Singh must have understood that to get power is easier than to rule. Whatever but Congress, remember, “Once Onion has given tear to B.J.P. now petrol can give you fire.”

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