Sunday, 5 June 2011

Criminal Act of so called "innocent government"

In criminal law, intention is an integral part of the conviction in the criminal justice system But practically very difficult to prove the malicious intention of the accused. In the view of Supreme Court judgement, intention can be proved by fact and circumstances.  So now what can be inferred from the circumstances of Delhi? In the country of "Extra judicialkilling" the act committed by Delhi police can be justified on the ground of unawareness of our so called innocent Prime Minister.. But I would like to praise the courage of Manmohan Singh who took this decision when government in under pressure of general public of India. Now after this act Manmohan Singh even can’t shrug his shoulder. If this time also you were not aware from the act of police then resignation is one and only remedy and alternate for most innocent Prime Minister, we ever had.  I think our Prime Minister is more innocent than an Accused of Murder who is presumed as innocent until guilt is proved. The second thing in the favour of innocence of Manmohan Singh is that even he is neither aware of the decision nor aware of who is taking such decision for government. Thanks God, Manmohan is not blaming Nitin Gadkari for taking these decisions. The defence of Manmohan Singh is very similar from the defence of a father who is saying after marriage of his son that he is not aware or after the birth of child in family, so called father is saying, “I don’t know because I haven’t done any act which was essential for the birth of child.” This defence cannot be considered as an absolute defence and only absolute defence can defend you. You haven’t done any act for the birth of Child but without act, where this baby came from? Definitely any one is there. The same condition is with Manmohan Singh. Even if you haven’t done any act but at least there is some problem in your government. So you can prove innocent yourself but your congress lead Government can’t be proved innocent by your defence. Really you have missed a diamond when you were busy in collecting stones. Congress was very worried about the condition of farmer in U.P. now where is Rahul Ghandhi, who was arrested under a political drama in U.P.  Why didn’t he come in Ram Leela Maidan. Even he can’t be blamed for this act, At least you have also got the blood of politician and this is a absolute defence. As a politician you can do anything. At last I would like to suggest, Delhi, now start concentrating on your wife, otherwise it would be difficult for you to form government again and by chance if you form government again then I will have only few words to say, “corrupt Government for corrupt people”.

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