Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Osama was created by America and killed by America !!!!!

Attack on the Osama’s hide out showed the real picture of the justice delivery system of the America. Here I am neither supporting the acts of the Osama nor declaring him innocent. Osama was the name of terror. He was not a person he was a community. It is easy to kill a person but it is difficult to kill the community or the ideas which Osama left even after his death. In the practical aspect whatever happened, Osama deserved that but many times practical approach may differ from the legal approach. Even death of the Osama was not the end of the terror but at least it was a step against terror in a country where violation of sovereignty means end of terror. Just after the successful mission, President Obama said that we achieved justice. But no one asked, “Is this your way to achieve justice.” In my opinion, justice can only we achieved inside the four wall of the court”. But it was U.S.A. who achieved justice by violating the air space of Pakistan and sovereignty of Pakistan. At last Osama could have been convicted by appropriate proceedings. If only death of the Osama could only reflect in justice then he could have punished by appropriate proceedings. Whatever if people of U.S.A. really achieved justice then what about the justice which Indian people should achieve. Meaning of justice cannot be changed for the people of U.S.A. and the people of India. If U.S.A. can achieved justice by approaching a particular way then why U.S.A. can’t help India in achieving justice by approaching the same way. Dear America, even your hands are not clean. The hard earned money of Americans was using in terror activities. There is no doubt that America provides financial help for giving aid to the terrorist activities irrespective of fact that whether America was aware or not. No one can provide financial help blindly. Osama was filling his belly by American dollar and here it is notable that it is a case which has been exposed. There will be so many  unexposed matters.  Now at least  it is clear that Osama was created by America and Killed by America. 

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