Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Don't worry Kani...You have everything then too now nothing is in your hands!!!!!!

It was not only expected by Kanimajohi but by the people of India. The bail plea of Kanimajohi has been rejected by the Delhi Court. As I have told many times, in these types of matters, the order of the judge decides the degree of faith of the people over judiciary. Kanimajohi yielded the example which gives lesson how a ruling party takes unfair advantage to get profit on their investment which they have done on the last election and came in power and afterwards judiciary established not only faith over the heart of the citizens of India but deliver the justice. Today it was the order of the Court but another order has been delivered by the people when they made their mind not to give them power in the State election. I have no hesitation in saying that justice is something which people wants and the same has been inflicted in the order of the Delhi Court. Desire of the people has been inflicted in the order of the Delhi court. It is satisfactory that when the whole of the India is fighting against corruption, the bail plea of the person who was involved in the corruption was rejected.  The order strengthened the faith over judiciary and in my views Court ruled impliedly that everyone is equal in the eye of law irrespective of fact whether you are the part of government or not. But now I am very much curious to see the step of the karunanidhi. if he will withdraw from U.P.A., they have to fight for their poliical capital. In that situation they will not have any political capital.However, Kani hugged her husband and entered in the lockup......Don't worry Kani....inside Tihar, you won't get bored, right now Tihar is evidence of having many V.I.P.s inside...so all the best....!!!!

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